Lala Land- A Musical Like No Other- by Isabella Brooks, LEHS

Lala Land-  A Musical Like No Other <i>(Image: New Musical Express)</i>
Lala Land- A Musical Like No Other (Image: New Musical Express)

Lala Land is an incredible film with beautiful choreography, music and cinematography directed by Damien Chazelle, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. It follows the lives of two people in Los Angeles, one of whom is an aspiring actress, the other an aspiring musician. They eventually cross paths and the film tells the story of how their lives intertwine and eventually move apart.


The music was written by Justin Hurwitz and covers a wide range of genres including orchestral music, jazz and pop. There isn’t a single piece of music in the film that I did not immediately fall in love with. Each musical piece adds magic to the atmosphere of the film, especially combined with the beautiful choreography and cinematography. The stars of the film, Gosling and Stone, neither of whom are professional singers, sing all the songs themselves, which adds an element of realism to the film that I found immensely appealing.


The cinematography and use of vibrant colours are extremely well thought through and executed, adding an element of beauty to the film. The opening scene, which starts with a traffic jam on a Los Angeles highway pulls viewers immediately into the film, combining choreography, cinematography and music to great effect.


The plot is highly engaging, following two people’s lives against the backdrop of Los Angeles' entertainment industry. What makes Lala Land stand out from other movie musicals is how it doesn’t follow a typical Hollywood pattern, and ends on a more realistic note, which may surprise most viewers who are used to watching mainstream films.


Overall, La La Land is an incredible movie, deserving of its multitudes of awards, including a number of BAFTA and Academy awards. I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves musicals and has a passion for music, dance and film