Lamar Jackson

Fearless Forecast: 3460 PASS YDS, 29 PASS TD, 880 RUSH YDS, 6 RUSH TD, 13 INT
Projected Rank: 2

Video transcript


ANDY BEHRENS: The Lamar Jackson haters, of which there are way too many, probably don't want you to know that he was actually averaging over 260 passing yards per game last season before his injury. That is a career best by far, by a mile.

Now, this is a former MVP who actually set the per-game single-season fantasy scoring record at his position. He's only 25 years old, still an ascending player. Already has 2,000 yard rushing seasons to his credit. Ridiculous for a quarterback. He's an obvious draft target.

He should definitely be one of the top three quarterbacks selected in your draft. No question about it. My forecast for him this year is going to be 3,460 passing yards, 29 passing scores. Let's give him 880 rushing yards-- that's ridiculous-- and 6 rushing touchdowns.

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