Lamb Forms Inseparable Bond With Dog After Mother Rejected Her

A lamb formed a strong bond with a dog at an Oregon farm after she was sadly rejected by her mother at birth.

Footage shared to TikTok by farmer Olivia Akers on May 5 documents the pair’s special relationship. Akers said that after Beau the lamb was rejected by her mom, dog Max was there to take her under her wing.

“The second Max laid eyes on Beau, that was HER baby,” Akers wrote in the onscreen captions, adding that Max protected, cleaned, played with, and “most importantly” loved baby Beau.

Akers wrote that Beau picked up some dog-like traits, and lived a “unique, but fulfilling” life with Max until she was big enough to go and live with the rest of the sheep.

But don’t worry – according to Akers, the pair still get to play with each other every day. Credit: Olivia Akers via Storyful

Video transcript

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