Lamborghini 'written off' in crash after supercar event

Megan White

A driver was left “in tears” after “writing off” his £215,000 Lamborghini, which smashed into a tree before hitting a wall.

Supercar fans were left aghast after the Huracan Performante mounted a kerb, before crashing into the wall.

The silver sports car was left wrecked after the crash, which happened following an HR Owen Supercar Sunday event in Acton.

The driver of the car, which is one of the world’s fastest production cars, is thought to have escaped unscathed.

The car is said to have hit a tree before crashing into the wall (London.carspots)

One spectator, who runs Instagram account London.Carspots, said: “He was revving and decided to do a launch control, at which point he lost control because of his cold tyres.

“He hit the tree, went up the kerb and hit the wall – I’m pretty sure he was crying when he got out. It was easily a write off.

The £215,000 Huracan Performante before the crash (London.carspots/Instagram)

“Loads of people stopped to take pictures after it happened and the recovery van turned up an hour later.”

Scoot Supercars added: “He had to dodge oncoming traffic, the tree saved him from flipping.

The front of the car was crushed when it hit a wall (London.carspots/Instagram)

“It’s hard to say if it was written off but it was very bad damage. It was a real shock.”

A spokesman for HR Owen said: “We are concerned to hear about the accident which happened to the car on its way home after it had left the event. HR Owen takes safety extremely seriously and puts in place every possible precaution, with the event itself on Sunday being fully risk assessed and coordinated with the police.”