Lamborghini crash caught on camera as £300,000 supercar 'takes off' during smash

Dramatic footage emerged today of the moment a £300,000 Lamborghini was involved in a three-car crash in London.

The black Lamborghini Aventador V12 was caught on camera speeding so fast it briefly became airborne before smashing into a parked car.

A passerby caught the 217mph motor flying into view, before clipping a nearby Mazda and lifting off the ground.

In a split second the young driver loses control of his exotic vehicle and hits a stationary BMW 3 Series before coming to a halt.

An onlooker then rushes over to the passenger's side (right-hand side) and opens the door to help a young lady out of the car.

The driver then gets out to see parts of his 700bhp Lamborghini strewn over Sloane Street in Chelsea.

The accident, which happened on Sunday afternoon, was filmed by stunned onlooker Thomas Melsens and obtained by the supercar website Shmee150.

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Thomas said: 'I heard the Lamborghini coming so I started recording but this was the absolute last thing I ever imagined I would end up witnessing.'

No one was injured in the accident, which left one the road in one of London's poshest areas shut for up to one hour.

Paul Wallace, from The Supercar Scene, saw the smashed up supercar shortly after the accident.

He said: 'I got a call to say someone had reported the Lamborghini crash on Sloane Street, and had heard this particular Aventador had been racing all day.

'This car is known in London but I had never seen it before. From YouTube videos he enjoys to drive it fast and rev the engine to create exhaust flames.

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'It's a very nice example of the Aventador so I wonder whether we'll see it on the road again.

'The owner seemed young and was with a group of friends after the crash who all seemed relaxed bearing in mind the wreckage on the road.

'I have never seen a Lamborghini in such a bad way, and couldn't really believe my eyes or ears when I heard about this crash.'

The crash happened outside the home of Lalit Kumar Modi, the founder of the Indian Premier League who tweeted about the accident.

It caused traffic chaos in one of London's poshest parts, with the Met Police forced to close the road in both directions for almost an hour.

Minutes before the smash, the matte black motor - with the expensive plate A4AAA - was filmed being driven aggressively by its owner.

The driver was breathalysed and his car was loaded onto the back of a lorry to be driven away.

A spokesperson for the Met Police said no arrests had been made following the crash.

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