Lana Del Rey says 'Live PD' boyfriend is 'a good cop': 'He gets it. He sees both sides of things'

Lana Del Rey, left, is dating Sean Larkin, right. (Photos: Getty Images)
Lana Del Rey, left, is dating Sean Larkin, right. (Photos: Getty Images)

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, singer-songwriter, and all-around icon Lana Del Rey confirmed suspicions that she was dating a cop. More specifically, she’s dating A&E’s Live PD star, Sean “Sticks” Larkin. What’s more, Del Rey doesn’t mind the public’s curiosity with who she’s dating.

“I care about what Bob Dylan is doing right now...I get it,” said the 34-year-old when asked whether she feels fans shouldn’t care about her personal life.

Del Rey (née Elizabeth Woolridge Grant) was recently photographed by paparazzi while walking with her new beau in New York’s Central Park. The “Summertime Sadness” singer says she didn’t even realize she was being photographed.

“I would’ve worn something different,” she joked.

The sadcore-pop singer was asked if she expected reactions from her fans, but defended her new Okie officer boyfriend with a pretty simple statement: “Well, the thing is, he’s a good cop. He gets it. He sees both sides of things.”

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What that really means is anyone’s guess. Larkin, who also hosts the Emmy-winning documentary series Live PD Presents PD Cam, doesn’t exactly seem like a romantic front-runner for someone who once instructed her audience in casting a spell against Donald Trump.

Many of her fans on Twitter are certainly having trouble wrapping their heads around it.

“Since Lana Del Rey is dating a Tulsa cop I want to remind the non-okies that Edmond PD murdered Isaiah Lewis for being naked this summer and that they were acquitted. All cops and DAs are bastards,” said Twitter user @dropdeadjorjus.

“Lana Del Rey dating a cop that won’t call his daughter back is a level of commitment-to-the-bit that we haven’t seen since Andy Kaufman,” added editor and podcaster @RyanHoulihan.

There’s also some argument for Del Rey simply being on brand when it comes to her new choice of date night partner, but the Grammy-nominated artist mostly doesn’t seem to understand why there’s so much interest now.

“It’s funny because I was with someone for years and we never had that problem,” she told the LA Times. Former romances of the singer include Itallian photographer Francesco Carrozzini and Scottish singer-songwriter Barrie James-O’Neill.

Del Rey went on to touch briefly on toxic masculinity, the #MeToo movement, her appreciation of climate-change activist Greta Thunberg, and her love of reality television shows like The Bachelor in the profile. Yes, the singer is multilayered and at times a bit contradictory, and she made a point to make sure fans knew that wasn’t just a persona — despite her use of a stage name and her hyper-femme looks on and off stage.

“Just because I wear short dresses doesn’t mean I can’t write my own narrative,” the singer claps back.

Del Rey, whose latest album Norman F— Rockwell just debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard album chart, also shared that she’s looking into creating a covers album titled Pacific Blue. The artist is no stranger to the concept, having covered Donovan’s “Season of the Witch” as well as Sublime’s “Doin’ Time.”

“It would be a very low-key thing, like acoustic Beach Boys stuff, Elvis, Chris Isaak. People usually think your career is over when you record a covers album or a Christmas album. But my musician friends and I are always playing covers,” she said in the profile.

For now, fans (who haven’t darted at the news of her current romance) will have to settle for listening to her new album, or catching her on her tour. She’s currently set to play Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego later this month, with tour dates in Europe (including Paris, London, and Berlin) set for early 2020.

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