Lanarkshire driver ripped roof off Krispy Kreme truck after crashing into Asda car park

A Krispy Kreme truck crashed into the upper storey of the car park outside Asda in Hamilton.
-Credit: (Image: Pressteam)

A doughnut driver ripped the roof off a Krispy Kreme truck after crashing in a supermarket car park.

The lorry was at a busy Asda store in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, when the driver mis-judged the height of a car park entrance and tore the roof off the vehicle.

Photos from the scene appear to show boxes of doughnuts from the popular American chain scattered on the ground. The box structure from the rear of the truck had also been knocked off.

Staff at the supermarket called in safety experts to secure the site and workers were seen removing the van on Tuesday afternoon (May 28).

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A shopper said: "The driver just hit the roof of the top car park and the back of the truck just came away with the impact of the crash.

"It didn't look as if anyone was hurt but it will be pretty embarrassing for the driver.

"People had their phones out taking photos so it will be the talk of the place."

There are a number of signs throughout the car park warning motorists of height restrictions around the covered section.

Locals took to social media to comment on the incident.

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One joked: "Maybe he likes the van without the topping."

Another quipped: "The doughnuts are well jammed."

A third added: "Doughnut try and go under there."

A spokesperson for Krispy Kreme said: "We apologise for any inconvenience caused and are grateful to the emergency services who helped to swiftly and safely reopen the road and carpark.

"An internal investigation into the circumstances of this incident is underway."

Asda has been approached for comment.