Landlord who moved entire pub from Bridlington to Germany is 'ready' for Euros

Paul Moss, 52, took apart the interior of The New Crown in East Yorkshire and shipped it 380 miles to Iserlohn near Dortmund.
-Credit: (Image: The New Crown / SWNS)

Paul Moss, the 52 year old pub owner who painstakingly dismantled the interior of The New Crown in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, and rebuilt it just outside Dortmund in Iserlohn, Germany, is eagerly anticipating a surge of thirsty England fans for the Euros.

Having shipped the fixtures and fittings over a distance of 380 miles, Paul's labour of love took two years to complete, with doors finally opening in June 2021. Labelled as "very unique", his pub is attracting beer enthusiasts from far and wide eager to taste English ales.

Paul decked-out his establishment in hundreds of meters of St George's Cross bunting and now hopes his pub will serve as an 'outpost' for England fans during the tournament. Cheering on the Three Lions, he extended a warm invitation, saying: "Come along, definitely. We'd love to see you, and I'm sure you'll feel quite at home."

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Unsure who he will be welcoming through the doors during the games, Paul added: "We don't know who is going to come in, so hopefully people will use us as a kind of outpost, who knows - that would be good.

"We've got hopefully quite a few English supporters who are going to come and visit us, but also English supporters who live here who are going to be having a look."

The committed landlord covered his beer garden in English flags while setting his sights high for the Euros. "It would be the optimum scenario to get a few hundred supporters in each game and everybody drinking lots of beer."

Paul is eagerly anticipating a potential match between England and Germany in Euro 2024, which could occur during a knock-out game on June 29. He said “Normally, 95% of our customers are local Germans who love the idea of an English pub in their town, they just find it cool and cute. Nothing changes during the football.

“Many people will be watching the German games either at home or there’s a big public viewing event going on in our town. They’ll be doing that there.

“But if England plays against Germany, which I hope they will, then our place will be completely swamped.”

Paul said the Italian national team were staying in Iserlohn, and so he expected to have customers also visiting from the Mediterranean. But he said everyone who came to drink at the boozer would be receiving the same deals and typical English experience.

He added: “The town is going to be swamped with Italians very shortly. So we’re not offering any special deals to anybody – everyone is going to pay the same price. We don’t know who is going to exactly come, but we’re looking forward to whoever comes and we’ll welcome them all."