Landslide Hits Small Village by Eleanor Hindman, The Weald

Road closure signs after landslide. <i>(Image: Eleanor Hindman)</i>
Road closure signs after landslide. (Image: Eleanor Hindman)

On the 28th of December 2022 a disastrous landslide struck Pulborough, a small village in Eastern West Sussex. The landslip has had significant consequences for local residents as well as creating large diversions for those travelling on the A29.


The problem originated from a narrow stretch of road with two steep embankments on either side. Heavy rain, along with other factors, caused earth and debris to fall off the banks and onto the A29.

Now a month later, the problem is ever growing and yet to be resolved. It can be seen that the largest impact of the landslide is the immense disruption to travel due to the closure of an A-road. The closure means that a large number of cars and lorries are being diverted down smaller roads which in turn is creating blockages and delays to numerous people.


Due to the longevity of the problem, it can be seen that the issue is much more severe than simply moving the debris out of the road, with the authorities deeming the road too dangerous for use.


Austen Hindman, a resident of Pulborough says, “The landslide has created great stress for me and many other people living in Pulborough. The disruption has made simple journeys difficult - like visiting family or doing the shopping.” 


These words highlight the frustration felt by many at the moment, as what at first seemed like a temporary inconvenience has turned into the source of much stress.


With the road closed from both ends of the landslide, traffic is being diverted down smaller roads. The positioning of the landslide in the centre of the village means that many are separated from shops, the train station and family and friends.


The disaster has left many wondering how such an issue was allowed to escalate to such a situation and why it wasn’t noticed sooner. With the road closure causing major disruption to people living and working in the village, as well as to people travelling through, the question on everyone’s mind is how long the situation will last.

Whilst it is still unclear how long the road will be closed for, the local council are working alongside the authorities to resolve the issue as soon as possible.