Large 10ft-long python tangled up in garden net rescued in Thailand

A 10ft-long python tangled up in a garden net was rescued in Thailand.The serpent was spotted by the house owner when it tried to bite his legs while lighting up a cigarette in his backyard in Udon Thani province on September 6.The aggressive snake failed to attack the resident because of the net, and the rescuers were called to the property to catch the serpent.Footage shows the rescuers checking on the snake caught in the net. A volunteer then used a pair of scissors to cut the net and free the creature.House owner Praman Khongkhachon, 46, said: ‘The snake looked hungry and wanted to eat my chickens, but it was stuck in the net.‘It even tried to bite me, and I fell off my feet before running away to call for help.'The rescuers grabbed the snake and put it in a bag to be released into nature.Praman added: ‘We built this house ten years ago so there were several snakes slithering around. This was the biggest my mother and I have seen.'Rescuer Samai Amphon said: ‘We released it at Phu Phan Noi Mountains and let the wound be healed naturally.'The reticulated python is found throughout Southeast Asia, where they live in forests, swamps, canals and even in cities, causing them to come into conflict with humans. The species is one of the world's largest snakes and can eat humans, cats, dogs, birds, rats and other snakes.