A large herd of reindeer were caught dashing across a car park - and described as 'looking like they were about to take off'

A large herd of reindeer were caught on video hurtling across a car park at speeds of 20mph - and were described as looking like 'they were about to take off'. Clare Edwards, 37, was at the Coire Na Ciste car park at the Cairngorms - a mountain range in the eastern highlands of Scotland - on Monday the 11th April when she heard a handler shout on what she thought was a dog - but it was actually a herd of 50 reindeer. Clare, who is from Keith, a town in Moray, was planning on going up the Cairngorms that morning at 11 am but changed her mind after being out in the poor weather. This video was filmed on the 11th April 2021.