Large Protest Against Vaccine Mandates and Proposed Pandemic Laws Held in Melbourne

A large crowd gathered to protest against vaccine mandates and Victoria’s proposed pandemic laws in Melbourne on November 13.

The protest was the third Saturday in a row protesters gathered in Melbourne’s streets to voice their opposition to the mandates and proposed state laws.

Many protesters held signs such as “Kill the Bill” in protest against a proposed state bill that would give the premier the ability to declare a pandemic, with the status lasting four weeks and then requiring renewal at three-month intervals until there was no risk to the community, local media reported.

The demonstration also happened in the context of new vaccine mandates. All construction workers visiting a worksite in Victoria are now required to be fully vaccinated, local media reported. Residential aged care workers are required to be fully vaccinated to attend their workplace from Monday, November 15.

Video posted by Nathan Livingstone shows a large crowd of protesters gathered outside the parliament building in Melbourne on Saturday, many holding umbrellas. Livingstone said in the video caption, “Rain can’t dampen the people’s spirits.” Credit: Nathan Livingstone via Storyful

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