Large protest on Greek island of Lesbos against new migrant camps

Residents of Lesbos in Greece have taken to the streets to protest against the building of new migrant detention centres on the island. Footage captured on February 26 shows crowds of protesters outside a government office bearing flags and banners where they are heard singing the national anthem. The government has allegedly seized land from local farmers in order to build a new migrant camp on the island. The filmer said: "[The protest] is people from all backgrounds, students, elderly, monks, farmers, businessmen, the Communist Party, the far-right movements. "The protesters all stand against the plan to build a closed prison camp on Lesbos. "In the last weeks, the government has confiscated land from farmers in order to do so." Lesbos is a hotspot for migrants and refugees on their way to Europe due to its proximity - of six miles - to the Turkish coastline.

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