Las Vegas Shooting Suspect Stephen Paddock's Father Was Apparently on the FBI's Most-Wanted List After Prison Escape

Max Kutner
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    None of your business
    The rotten apple doesn't fall far from the evil tree.
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    All that matters is the Aƨƨhole is dead!
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    The brother said Stephen did not have a criminal record or as much as a parking ticket. Well he was arrested by Palm Beach County Florida on a Felony domestic violence incident, and he plead the case down to a misdemeanor and served one year on probation. Palm Beach County FL clerk of court public records search. This information posted by Palm beach news and verified.
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    not sure what being liberal or conservative has anything to do with this tragedy.
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    For those that have brought color and politics into the conversation, get a life not everything is about the two. Your lack of sympathy and compassion is shocking. What happened is an American tragedy it is a time or mourning.
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    This whole incident just keeps getting stranger by the minute.
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    Sure Glad this useless POS is dead at least we wont have to endure a trial where all they know how to say is he was Mental and we cant execute him and some useless lawyer trying to get him off on a insanity plea !!
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    Mr. Objective
    Father diagnosed as a psychopathic and suicidal. Hmm. Bet the same with the son and you will most likely find that he was on anti psychopathic drugs which many times have the opposite effect or they lose effectiveness.
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    Such a horrible tragedy that has a lump in my throat and upsets my soul.
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    If you watch the live videos taken by the concert goers you can hear the gun fire and it's not just a rife or semi-automatic weapon. It sounds too much like a (machine gun/automatic gun) firing on the crowd. It'll be interesting to see what the investigation finds and/or reports.
    Unbelievable and Terrible this happened.