Update on last night’s Central Pier incident following reports man jumped off the pier

Emergency services at an incident at Central Pier in Blackpool on Wednesday evening (September 20.)
Emergency services at an incident at Central Pier in Blackpool on Wednesday evening (September 20.)

Approximately ten police cars, the coastguard and a helicopter were spotted at the pier at approximately 5.30pm yesterday and emergency services were still at the scene at around 7.45pm

Eyewitnesses say a man reportedly jumped off the pier, but this has not been confirmed.

Last night, the Force Incident Manager for Lancashire Police said a search operation was underway, but he was unable to give any more details at this time.

When asked for an update on the situation at 7:00am this morning (Thursday, September 21), the Force Incident Manager said there was “no change” from the night before.

At 9:00am, a spokesperson for Lancashire Police added: “It’s a search for a missing person. We’ve been in the area with the Coastguard and the search is ongoing.”

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