Last night’s Geordie Shore: Silence then someone leaves the villa

So, who enjoyed last night’s Geordie Shore episode? To be honest, I did think it was a little dull and not particularly exciting.

The main talking point is of course, Marnie and Aaron. Before I continue, though, I would like to just remind you that all of what you are seeing on TV at the moment was filmed months ago now. Anyway, the two of them finally became official in last week’s episode after months of being on and off. There is no doubt that they were cute together and  I think that they both genuinely wanted things to work. In last night’s episode, they were not speaking at all, then when Marnie threw a drink over Aaron, he decided to leave the villa.

Prior to this moment, we saw Nathan tell Aaron that Marnie was bisexual, there is nothing wrong with her sexuality but I can completely understand where Aaron was coming from when he found out because obviously, all of this ‘harmless’ necking on with Chloe really is cheating. Marnie is into girls, so how would Aaron know if she didn’t fancy Chloe? It’s identical to say, Aaron necking on with Nathan passionately after announcing he was also Bi. Marnie would kick off – inevitably. I think it is a bit of a joke that Marnie seemed to not understand why Aaron went, because I couldn’t agree more with his reasoning.

Away from their pretty terrible relationship, it is definitely the first time I have seen Scott turn down, not just a night out, but the last night out in Maga! Now that’s unlike Scott! Marty on the other hand, well we can let him off because he is pretty new to the show.

Oh yes, in the preview of next week’s episode we found out that Sophie is back next week! Woo! As for Kyle, he won’t be appearing for a few weeks yet. Things really are heating up as the cast head to Kavos!

In more current news, I’m sure the cast are thoroughly disappointed that Trump was this morning elected as the U.S. President since it means he won’t be joining the Geordie Shore cast anymore… ballerrrrrr.

Until next time  X

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