Latest batch of homes approved for Leicestershire's first 'garden village'

-Credit: (Image: Charnwood Borough Council)

The latest stage of Leicestershire’s newest village has been give the go ahead, with more than 150 houses being approved. Broadnook garden village is being built between Birstall and Rothley, and will eventually have almost 2,000 homes.

Last week, Cora Homes was given the go ahead to built 154 homes in a unanimous vote by members of Charnwood Borough Council's plans committee. This is the second batch of properties to be approved for Broadnook, with Davidson's Homes previously being given the green light for 107 houses last year.

During the meeting, one councillor raised a concern over the way affordable housing will be clustered within the new batch of homes. Councillor Mark Charles pointed out that planning agreements with the developer say no more than 10 affordable home should be clustered together within the scheme, but 15 of the 39 homes allocated for affordable housing in this batch of properties will be grouped together.

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Councillor Charles said: “I’m just looking for confirmation that this density of housing, will it be repeated elsewhere on the site or just for this particular cluster?” Planning officer Mark Pickrell said: “The clustering shown here is noted as being a potential concern. But within that cluster you’ve got shared ownership, you’ve got affordable rent, you’ve got discount market as well, so overall you’ve got those splits and this slightly higher percentage of clustering is considered to be acceptable in this circumstance.”

Steve Lewis-Roberts, from planning agent Pegasus, spoke on behalf of Cora at the meeting. He said: “Cora has been instrumental in the evolution of Broadnook garden village, having promoted the site with Davidsons as a sustainable urban extension through the local plan and submitting the hybrid planning application for the wider site. The objective has been to create a flagship garden suburb which meets the demands of 21st-century living and integrates successfully with Charnwood’s rich and distinctive heritage.”

Homes England has agreed to fund the key infrastructure for Broadnook, which was given the go ahead in 2020, with Cora and Davidson's buying the land two years later. The scheme includes a new A6 roundabout, with a supermarket, school, care home, sports facilities, business area, and a retirement village eventually set to be built in the new community.

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