Exclusive: Only ONE new Geordie Shore cast member

I am back writing today, and this is purely exclusive news – and trust me, you heard it here first. As I am sure you will have seen in the press and media over the last couple of days, it has been reported that there are FIVE new cast members going in to the show. However, after speaking to my contacts and a few of the cast, I can confirm that only one of these five will actually be getting signed onto the show. So yes, Daily Mail, Sun Newspaper, OK mag, Reveal etc, you have all got it WRONG.

As I ranted the other day on this topic, I am going to make this one fairly short and sweet, but for those of you that are moaning and complaining about a bunch of wannabes joining the show, you can stop crying now because it’s not true. As we understand it, Holly has now left the show, although despite a few tweets from her, we haven’t actually received any confirmation of her departure. So, I won’t be that surprised if she does start filming next week when on and off boyfriend Kyle makes his way back into the house.

On that note, I have seen several tweets about Kyle and Scott not being seen filming Series 14, again, don’t panic – they’re going in next week. To add to my point about the five people being trialled, why do you think they haven’t been papped walking into the club with the current cast group? Only one of them will make it onto the show, and that only applies if one of them is TV material. I know some people are going to think I am making this up or that it is a load of rubbish, but just take a moment and think, when has the MTV producers ever just chucked in a group at once? It doesn’t happen, and it won’t happen.

As for that note I saw that according to a tweet ‘was left behind by producers’, to be honest I don’t think it was that bad. Like, people must know that the show is staged to some degree, right? Otherwise, what would be the point in TV Producers being a job? If they didn’t work, then the show would be like streamed on Facebook live… Of course the cast has to be prompted, and I really don’t understand this uproar that the show is ‘completely fake’. Hardly. The producers have to come up with what they think is TV appropriate and so they obviously create scenarios etc. On that note that was leaked online, all that was on it really was questions that would get the cast talking together about things that had happened whilst filming.

Finally, Chloe returns to filming this weekend so I am pretty sure Zahida won’t be the one getting the job as the next Geordie Shore star. Enjoy your weekend guys X