Latest London weather map shows deluge of rain in the middle of summer

A bus moves on the road during the heavy rain in London with a man in a rucksack in the foreground
-Credit: (Image: Rasid Necati Aslim/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

London is set for a big downpour to round off what has been a disappointing month. Forecasters from WX Charts predict that at 6pm next Wednesday (June 26) a deluge of rain will soak London, the Midlands, and parts of the north.

London is covered in orange shading on the map, which indicates that around four millimetres of rain will fall per hour. This won't be the news anyone has wanted to hear, considering the gloomy month we've had.

However, the forecaster is predicting a largely dry start of next month with a splash of rain to hit on July 2.

But until then, the elements should be on our side, as the Met Office forecasts a mini heatwave - with temperatures bouncing between 20C and 23C - between today (June 17) and Sunday (June 23). The upcoming forecast can be found below.

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The intensity of the downpour is represented by the different shading on the map
The intensity of the downpour is represented by the different shading on the map. Orange indicates heavier rain -Credit:WX Charts

London weather forecast

Tuesday, June 18, will be ‘fine at first, with fog quickly clearing, though sunshine turning hazy with the threat of some rain in the far southeast during the afternoon, perhaps brighter again here towards dusk. Maximum temperature 23C’.

And from Wednesday, June 19, through to Friday, June 21, things will be pleasant. It will be ‘fine on Wednesday with some sunshine. Probably fine again to start Thursday, however there is an increasing chance of thunderstorms, perhaps more likely through Friday. Temperatures trending upwards’.

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