Latest violent gender reveal video leaves viewers on edge

boxing gender reveal
boxing gender reveal

It seems like we can hardly go more than a month without a viral gender reveal stunt leaving us all wondering why straight people have gotten so intense about these goofy parties. But at least the latest one didn't burn through thousands of acres of land for months — but things definitely could have taken a dark turn.

TikToker @kirramahaley_ originally posted a (now deleted) video to the platform back in April. It's gone viral in recent days after being reposted to X, and migrating back to TikTok from there as people try to figure out what the hell this couple was thinking.

The video in question features the father-to-be hitting a pad held by his pregnant wife with boxing gloves repeatedly, trying to get something to burst to reveal their baby's gender. Now, we're not talking soft taps here. This man kept hitting the pad so hard that his wife was visibly moved each time.

Fortunately, things eventually exploded into a pink cloud without anyone actually coming away injured. But it doesn't require a huge mental stretch to see multiple ways in which this could have taken a harrowing turn for the couple.

As the clip went viral outside of where it was initially shared, the criticisms and concerns poured in.

"Why is the woman not the one hitting the glove? That's very strange to me," TikToker @mojustbetalkin pointed out. "This man is hitting at the glove with all his might... Are men well? Don't answer that."

"What's more shocking are the people just standing there and not stopping it," another viewer commented on a popular TikTok stitch of the video.

Maybe this couple thought things were totally fine since they weren't crashing planes or creating homemade explosions with their gender reveal party. But maybe bringing violence into your gender reveal party is just kind of innately a bad idea. Or, hey, since straight people seem to keep causing massive destruction with these things in general, maybe it's time to just cut them out altogether.