Latitude Festival criticised after dyeing sheep pink

Lizzie Roberts
Latitude Festival defended the decision saying the dye used was

An animal welfare charity will be writing to the organisers of Latitude Festival after they dyed a flock of sheep pink. 

The music and arts festival, held in Henham Park, Suffolk, posted a video on Twitter showing the fluorescent sheep, which angered social media users. 

RSPCA have now said they will contact the festival to discuss the incident.

“We want all animals treated with kindness and respect and would discourage people from painting or dying animals for novelty purposes,” an RSPCA spokesperson said.

Peta UK, another animal rights charity, has also condemned it a “thoughtless, attention-grabbing stunt”.

Latitude have tweeted defending the stunt and said the animals had been “dip-dyed using natural, water-based dye”.