'I laughed so much at what my co-worker called her twins I was sent to HR'

She couldn't help but laugh at the twins' names (stock)
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When it comes to choosing names for twins, parents often go one of two ways: opting for distinctly different names to avoid any mix-ups or embracing the fun and picking 'matching' names.

One expectant mother chose the latter route but began to second-guess her decision after a colleague's reaction to her chosen names was so extreme that it involved human resources (HR).

A Reddit user shared their experience with a co-worker who had recently become a mother to twin boys following fertility challenges. The poster expressed happiness for her but was taken aback by the names she selected for her sons.

The post read: "When asked what she had named the boys (as up until this appearance she was undecided) she told me that she was naming them 'Sean'.

"When I asked about the other baby, she said 'no, they are both Sean, one with an 'A' and one with an 'E' so Sean and Seen. This co-worker's last name is also 'Sean'. When I pointed this out she said 'yes, like Tom Tom or Jay Jay'."

The individual recounted how they blurted out to the new mother: "That is the most idiotic thing I've heard and it's going to be so confusing." Following the incident, they received messages from colleagues suggesting that their remark was out of line.

In a recent update, the individual explained her co-worker's husband had stumbled upon their Reddit post and it led to a change of heart. They noted: "They had a good chuckle and ended up agreeing with the replies the naming process wasn't ideal, and maybe the overwhelming process of having two newborns left them too tired to think straight.

"They have withdrawn the paperwork (for Seen only) and will think of a new name, but they are keeping Sean Sean as they like it." They also revealed how the Reddit post landed them in trouble at work, adding: "I have also been reported to HR for making this Reddit post (not by the parents, they think it's hilarious) so well well, if it isn't the consequences of my actions.

"They also want everyone to know that 'calling her an idiot isn't the worst thing I've said to her this year, and while I'm definitely a a**hole, that's more of an in general thing than tied to this situation'." They added that HR advised her "to be more considerate of co-worker's feelings" and to "not put this meeting all over the internet".