Laughing UK baby boy taste tests variety of new food

Lockdown baby Joe is down to try anything! Mum Katie Chalmers gives 16-month-old Joe an array of foods, from raisins to samphire, which gets a big thumbs up. But not everything goes down well, as more controversial foods such as olives and a pickled gherkin, leave Joe uncertain but still laughing. Katie, who posted the adorable series of clips from February 3 to TikTok (@katiechalmers10), said: "It’s his first choice from the plate and he goes straight in for a lemon wedge. He grimaces and then laughs a lot. "He chooses the pickles and then the olives. He doesn’t like them, but it really makes him laugh and smile. "There is now only chocolate raisins and samphire to chose from. He chooses the chocolate and with no surprises, moves fast from a test of one to gobbling them all down. "The samphire is all that is left and the last choice. He really enjoys it, smiling and eating."