Laura Woods responds to Des Lynam ‘wincing’ at ‘overfamiliarity’ with Ian Wright in ITV coverage

Laura Woods ITV Credit: Alamy
Laura Woods ITV Credit: Alamy

Laura Woods has hit back at Des Lynam’s complaint that her ‘overfamiliarity’ with Ian Wright in ITV’s coverage at the World Cup made him ‘wince’.

The former ITV presenter turned dinosaur wrote in his column for The Telegraph that while it was fine for Gary Lineker to refer to call Ian Wright ‘Wrighty’, that wasn’t the case for Woods.

It made Des feel a ‘touch uncomfortable’. We’ve got news for you, Des. Nobody gives a sh*t.

He wrote: ‘This was the first live match for ITV and was presented by the ever-smiling Laura Woods. She has done quite a lot of presentation work on both radio and television and comes over as both confident and capable.

‘She called Ian Wright ‘Wrighty’ which sounds comfortable coming from the likes of Lineker but it made me slightly wince. I may be wrong and perhaps they are close friends but the over-familiarity made me a touch uncomfortable.

‘The other pundits were Gary Neville and the former Dutch international Nigel de Jong. Laura refrained from calling them Gaz or Nige.’

In a fairly lame attempt to avoid shouts of misogyny, Lynam attempted the lots-of-females-are-good defence.

The 80-year-old added: ‘Once upon a time there were only a few presenters of World Cup football – and all of them were male. It’s a growing trade nowadays and many of the young women in the business are excellent. We will be seeing and hearing a good deal more from them over the next few weeks.’

Responding to the article, Woods tweeted with a laughing emoji: “Jeez. Of all the things covered this is what made Des wince?”

And Woods wasn’t alone in her confusion over Lynam’s thoughts, as Wright took to social media to question Lynam’s weird article.

“How’s Des vexed that Laura called me ‘Wrighty’!!! Looking for something negative to write,” Wright posted, alongside a GIF featuring the text “I know a hater’s voice when I hear it.”

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