Lauren Mayberry interview: I’d love to have Oprah Winfrey on speed dial

Samuel fishwick

At this stage, home is “a relative concept” for Lauren Mayberry. The lead singer of Glaswegian synth-pop trio Chvrches has racked up a mighty 365 shows in the past two years, first touring two hugely popular LPs and now a third, Love is Dead, out now.

“We tour so much that it’s more about the people than the place at this point,” says the frontwoman, 30, who moved to New York from Glasgow in 2015 with her bandmates Iain Cook and Martin Doherty. Here’s how she keeps her cool.

A tweet that you’d like printed on a T-shirt?

I saw a Liam Gallagher one the other day that said: “This jet lag is a f***ing c***. As you were.” Maybe that.

Name a modern-day saint…

The people who run Rape Crisis are amazing. I’ve done some fundraising for Rape Crisis Glasgow but there are centres all over the UK.

And a supervillain…

Katie Hopkins.

London hideout you’d like to buy?

Any tiny cinema. No one else in the world does pick ’n’ mix like the Brits.

Person you call when you’re bored?

“Only the boring are bored,” as my mother would say.

If you could have something named after you, it would be... ?

An animal sanctuary.

A celebrity you’d like to have on speed dial?

Oprah, but I feel like she has much more important things to do for the world than talk to me.

What have you learned this week?

The “club” part of “club sandwich” stands for “chicken and lettuce under bacon”.

Best thing a fan sent you?

A bottle opener on a key ring. It’s the fan gift I used most.

An app you can’t live without?

Moment, which, ironically, helps you use your phone less.