Laurence Fox arrested for 'supporting Ulez camera vandalism'

A video shows police officers at Laurence Fox's home
A video shows police officers at Laurence Fox's home

Laurence Fox has been arrested for conspiring to damage Ulez cameras and encouraging others to tear them down.

On Tuesday, in an interview broadcast on video platform Rumble, Fox, 45, declared full support for the “Blade Runners” group of Ulez vigilantes.

“I encourage them to tear down every single camera there is and I will be joining them,” the suspended GB News host said.

He added: “I am pretty close with several and I will be out there with my angle grinder.”

He also told presenter Maajid Nawaz he would be “happy to be arrested” if he was caught removing the cameras.

A video shared on Wednesday morning by the Reclaim Party, of which Fox is leader, showed five police officers at the disgraced presenter’s address.

He was heard saying: “Look how many coppers there are in my house. Look at them coming to steal everything and take it out of my house. That, ladies and gentleman, is the country that we live in.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Officers arrested a 45-year-old man on suspicion of conspiring to commit criminal damage to Ulez cameras and encouraging or assisting offences to be committed.

“He was arrested in Stockwell and has been taken to a South London police station where he remains in custody.”