Lavish final meal of killer on death row who told family 'I love y'all' before lethal injection

A double killer on death row enjoyed a massive breakfast and a seafood feast on his last day on Earth before a lethal injection, it has been revealed. Convicted killer Jamie Mills had his last meals on Thursday before 'paying the price' for his crimes.

His last words at The Alabama Department of Corrections were: "I love y'all. Carry on." The William C. Holman Correctional Facility, where he awaited execution for 20 years, spared no expense on the 50-year-old's final dishes, allowing him to order everything from eggs, gravy and biscuits to a giant platter of seafood.

The convict's breakfast consisted of eggs, gravy, prunes, oatmeal and biscuits. During the day, he visited with his brother, sister, their spouses, his spiritual adviser and his attorney, snacking on crisps, a candy bar, a Sunkist and some cola drinks, according to and The Mirror.

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For his final meal, Mills ate a seafood platter that had three large shrimp, two catfish filets, three oysters, three onion rings and a stuffed crab, according to the local news site. Then, at 6pm local time, the convict was strapped to a gurney, IVs inserted in his arms, and put to death by lethal injection. He was pronounced dead at 6.26pm.

Mills' last words were: "I love my family. I love my brother and sister. I couldn't ask for more." He also thanked his defence attorney, Charlotte Morrison of the Equal Justice Initiative, adding: "Charlotte, you fought hard for me." He ended with: "I love y'all. Carry on."

As the drugs flowed into his system, quickly putting him to sleep before killing him, Mills mouthed another "I love you" to his family, who was watching through a window in the next room. He constantly gave them a thumbs-ups.

Mills was convicted in 2007 of the 2004 capital murders of Floyd and Vera Hill, 87 and 72, respectively, at their home in Guin, a small city about 80 miles (130km) northeast of Birmingham. He allegedly bludgeoned them to death with a hammer, tire tool and machete, then stole $140 and prescription medications from their home — at the time, he had been struggling with a drug addiction.

Floyd had been the primary caregiver for his diabetic wife and had kept her medications in a tackle box in their kitchen. He also regularly held yard sales to supplement their income. It was one of his grandchildren who noticed something was wrong after she couldn't reach them. Police officers arrived at their home for a welfare check and found the couple in a pool of blood in their backyard shed.

Floyd was already dead, having succumbed to his blunt- and sharp-force wounds, while Vera died 12 weeks later after suffering complications from a brain injury consistent with the brutal beating she also received.

Mills maintained his innocence until the day of his death. He lost several appeals, including one to the US Supreme Court, and was ultimately executed.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey said in a statement after the execution: "Tonight, two decades after he committed these murders, Jamie Mills has paid the price for his heinous crime. I pray for the victims and their loved ones as they continue to grieve." He was the second person executed in Alabama after the nitrogen gas execution of Kenneth Eugene Smith in late January, the first execution of its kind.