Lawn mowing mistake could see you fined £5,000

Homeowners have been warned that a lawn mowing mistake this weekend could cost them, £5,000. Ian Morris, a home expert from About Living, said mowing the lawn at the wrong time can see you hit with a fine.

He said: “Local councils in the UK enforce noise regulations to prevent disturbances, particularly during early mornings and late evenings. While specific regulations can vary by council, general guidelines suggest acceptable times for noisy activities on weekdays typically start from 8am and end by 8pm.

“Weekends and Bank Holidays is where noise restrictions are usually stricter, with acceptable times often starting later, around 9am and ending earlier by 5pm or 6pm.”

The expert added: “If the disturbance continues, the council can issue a Noise Abatement Notice. This legally requires you to stop creating excessive noise during prohibited hours.

“If you fail to comply with a Noise Abatement Notice, you could be fined. The fines can be substantial.”

For residential properties, fines can go up to a fine of £5,000 and for businesses, they can reach up to £20,000. Ian added: “To avoid fines and maintain good relations with your neighbours know the regulations, communicate with neighbours and use quiet equipment.”