Lazy owner caught on CCTV throwing dog poo into family's garden

A dad was plagued for months by a lazy dog owner throwing his pet's used poo bags into his garden before he finally caught the culprit in the act.

When Hussein Al Kaabi, 44, was confronted by neighbours about the plastic bags of dog dirt strewn about the back of his house three months ago, he had no idea what they were talking about, as his family does not own a dog. But sure enough, he found "six or seven" used doggy bags in the back garden of his new house on Oakhill Park, Old Swan.

He cleaned up the mess, but the used bags continued to appear behind his house - even after he put up a new fence in an effort to prevent it.

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He said: "I first became aware two months ago when my neighbours came to me and said please clean behind your house. I went out and found six or seven bags and I cleaned it up. Then a few weeks later I had the same thing. Last week, the same problem. I found about 16 bags."

Desperate to find out who was responsible, the dad-of-two paid £500 for a CCTV camera covering his garden. Video footage captured 6.30am today, July 8, shows a dark-haired man in a blue jacket, shorts and black trainers, walking a small black dog past the Al Kaabi's house. The man pauses and appears to check his surroundings before flinging a used doggy bag into the garden and continuing down the street.

The man appears to check his surroundings before throwing the used doggy bag on the floor
The man appears to check his surroundings before throwing the used doggy bag on the floor -Credit:CCTV

It is understood the man's actions have been reported to Merseyside Police.

Hussein said: "It has been going on for three months. Every 10 days he comes, throws something and goes. Sometimes he throws six or seven bags altogether. One time I found 20 bags.

"I have two kids, one six years old, and she's scared to go out because of all the rubbish, rats and mice."

He said the camera had picked up two other regular dog walkers who responsibly cleaned up after their pets, adding: "I think 100% it's just the one person doing it. We live in a nice area. Many neighbours I have asked if they know him, but they think maybe he has come from another neighbourhood.

"It's very strange. It's got to the point my wife says we should sell the house and move out. I say no, why should we sell the house when we've just bought it?"

His wife Shaikhah added: "It has been frustrating and even the neighbours are bothered by it. This stranger every time has walked by and throws his rubbish in our garden. It's not good. He's not stopping. He doesn't care. I don't know what's the reason behind this.

"It makes you not feel quite secure. I feel this person has something against us. We don't know him. We are living very peacefully in this neighbourhood. But this person seems to have a problem with us."

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