LBC Say Johnson Was Mimicking Radio Presenter After Camera Catches Cut-Throat Gesture

A clip showing Prime Minister Boris Johnson making a cut-throat gesture during a live radio interview went viral on Friday, November 29, but the station says Johnson was merely mimicking a gesture made by the presenter Nick Ferrari.

Social media users speculated that Johnson was gesturing to Ferrari to move on to another topic, a claim rubbished by Ferrari. In a tweet, Ferrari said: “To clarify the PM’s gesture this morning on LBC, this is sign language between me and my producer to signify he needs to stay quiet in my ear. It’s been in common use for over 10 years. End of.”

Johnson took part in a live phone-in on the Nick Ferrari show, with callers questioning on a variety of topics including his no-show at the Channel 4 climate debate, US access to the NHS, how much a Greggs sausage roll costs, and how many children he has. Credit: LBC’s Nick Ferrari via Storyful