Le Pen says far-right MPs will do 'a remarkable job'

STORY: Le Pen, whose far-right National Rally (RN) now has 89 MPs, up from eight in the previous legislature, managed to secure its largest ever contingent of lawmakers in Sunday's (June 19) elections and is now the second-biggest party in the lower house of parliament after President Emmanuel Macron's majority party.

"This is very moving," Le Pen told reporters. "We will produce a lot of work with great competence and thoroughly, differently from what you (the media) say of us."

Le Pen went out of her way on Wednesday to say her party would have a constructive attitude.

"We've prepared for that for many years," she said, adding that the RN would back the policy proposals it likes, modify others and reject the ones it does not approve - exactly what every mainstream opposition party has been saying since Sunday's earthquake election.

With opposition parties rejecting, for now, any form of a coalition pact, French President Emmanuel Macron is looking at the prospect of having to enter into likely messy negotiations on every single bill - though much is still up in the air.

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