Leader of Nigel Farage-backed Brexit Party quits over anti-Islam tweets

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Catherine Blaiklock has quit as leader of the new Brexit Party over anti-Islamic comments she posted on Twitter (Getty)

The brand new Brexit Party has already hit its first scandal after the leader quit after anti-Islamic tweets were unearthed.

Catherine Blaiklock resigned on Wednesday, just two months after she set up the party with Nigel Farage, who went on to represent the group in the European Parliament.

The former Ukip economics spokeswoman had claimed in Twitter posts that Islam was a threat to most of society, was “incompatible with liberal democracy” and a submission “mostly to raping men”.

It is understood she took the decision to stand down in response to journalists discovering the comments online.

In a resignation statement, Ms Blaiklock said her role had been successful in “working with Nigel Farage… to set the party up and register it with the Electoral Commission”.

The Brexit Party has the backing of former Ukip leader Nigel Farage (Getty)

“The out-of-character comments that I made on social media some time ago were unacceptable in tone and content,” she continued.

“After speaking to Nigel Farage, I realise that my comments fall well short of what is expected in any walk of life.

“I have accordingly tendered my resignation as party leader.”

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Anti-racism campaigners Hope Not Hate, who helped unearth the since-deleted posts, celebrated her resignation.

“Blaiklock’s abhorrent racist social media posts reveal the true nature of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party: new branding, same old nasty underbelly,” campaign director Matthew McGregor said.

One tweet in June 2017 read: “Islam = submission – mostly to raping men it seems. #ukip.”

Mr Farage said he wanted to attract Leave voters from across the traditional political spectrum to the new party (Getty)

And, in December that year, another said: “Islam – Threat to women, gays, whites, non-Muslims, Blacks, Indians, Chinese – aggression to everyone but themselves.”

She also retweeted a post which spoke of a “white genocide”, a term favoured by the far-right and found in the manifesto of the man suspected of the Christchurch mosque murders.

The Brexit Party was registered on February 5 and eight days later Mr Farage tweeted that he was representing the organisation in Brussels.

Mr Farage said he wanted to attract Leave voters from across the traditional political spectrum, adding: “I genuinely believe people would be very surprised at the support it would attract.”

The former Ukip leader quit the party in December stating he was uncomfortable with its direction under Gerard Batten.

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