Leah feels betrayed when she catches Zac out

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Zac tells Sam that there is nothing between them and that she should leave Summer Bay immediately, but she is clearly in no mood to go anywhere. Unfortunately, Leah overhears their conversation. Luc's baby blessing goes disastrously wrong when Billie collapses.

Given the fragile state of his marriage, Zac is none too pleased to run into Sam at Salt. When Sam confesses that she's been thinking about him, Zac hightails it out of there. He returns home and finds a contrite Leah, prompting him to make the decision not to tell her about Sam.

The following morning, Sam sends Zac a text and asks to meet him. He shows up at Salt, asking her to leave Summer Bay immediately, insisting that there is nothing between them. Sam maintains there is and that Zac is in denial about the connection they share. Matt happens upon them, clocking Sam's upset and the obvious tension between her and Zac.

Later at the baby blessing, Matt queries Zac, who dismisses his concern. Matt refuses to let it go, demanding to know who the woman is. Zac finally comes clean, unaware that Leah has overheard the last part of their exchange. She's furious to learn that Zac has deliberately kept this from her.

The afternoon soon takes another horrifying turn after an annoying and persistent cough suffered by Billie throughout the day leads to her shock collapse.

Elsewhere, Hunter is devastated to see the growing bond between Mason and Olivia.

Photo credit: Channel 5

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