At least 10 people wounded after explosion in crowded market in Afghanistan

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A Sikh temple was attacked in Kabul on Friday, killing at least two people (REUTERS)
A Sikh temple was attacked in Kabul on Friday, killing at least two people (REUTERS)

At least 10 people, including children, have been wounded after a crowded market in Afghanistan was attacked on Monday.

The UN mission to Afghanistan said “scores” of people were killed in the exploision but did not confirm the number of fatalities.

The attack took place in a market in the eastern Nangarhar province, which lies on the border with Pakistan.

Local media reported the explosion was a car bomb aimed at killing a Taliban official.

Condemning the attack on its Twitter account, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said: “UNAMA condemns this morning’s attack in a crowded bazaar in Nangarhar province which killed and wounded scores of civilians, among them some children.

“Continuing attacks targeting civilians across Afghanistan must cease immediately.”

Quriashi Badloun, the Taliban administration’s head of media and information for Nangarhar, confirmed a blast had taken place but said the target was not clear.

“We confirm 10 injuries, we are not confirming deaths,” he said.

While the number of bombings have fallen since the Taliban’s return to power, several attacks — many targeting minority communities — have rocked the country in recent months, including several claimed by the militant group, Islamic State (IS).

Deadly blasts have taken place in the country each day since Friday, including one at a Sikh temple in the capital Kabul.

IS claimed responsibility for the attack, which killed at least two people and injured many others.

They said it was in retaliation for insults against the Prophet Mohammed.

The recent spate of attacks have sparked international concern over resurging violence in the country.

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