Dozens arrested after Just Stop Oil protesters target London petrol stations

Forty-three climate activists were arrested after petrol stations across London were sabotaged, police said.

Protesters from Just Stop Oil rendered fuel pumps unusable by breaking display glass, covering them with spray paint and gluing themselves to them shortly after 6am on Friday.

Demonstrators also blocked access to forecourts by sitting on entrance roads with banners.

Just Stop Oil said 51 of its supporters disrupted seven petrol stations across the capital, including on Albert Embankment, central London, and in Acton, west London.

The Metropolitan Police said it arrested 43 people on suspicion of offences such as criminal damage and highway obstruction.

All those arrested remain in custody.

A group of activists also set off flares and unfurled a banner on Westminster Bridge shortly after 7am.

The Met said the banner was “quickly removed and the group left the area”.

The force added: “We will continue to monitor any protest activity across London.

“Our teams are ready to respond quickly to minimise disruption and take appropriate action against anyone causing criminal damage.

Just Stop Oil has repeatedly protested against new oil projects in recent days, including at service stations on the M25 motorway.

Tez Burns, 34, a bicycle mechanic and physics graduate from Swansea taking part in the action on Friday, said: “I can’t live with myself, knowing what I know, without doing all I can to stop new oil and gas.

“We are suffering the worst cost-of-living crisis in 40 years and facing climate breakdown because of our dependence on oil.

“Yet the Government is allowing energy companies to drive us into poverty with skyrocketing energy bills, and is failing to protect us from the consequences of climate collapse.

“Enough is enough.”