At Least One Person Injured After Fire Triggers Explosions at Ontario Chemical Company

At least one person was injured in St Catharines, Ontario, in a fire at a chemical-disposal business on Thursday, January 12, local news reported.

One neighborhood was evacuated, and firefighters advised other nearby residents to shelter in place.

The fire broke out at Ssonix Products 2010 Inc, a company that deals in hazardous and nonhazardous materials disposal in St. Catharines, shortly after 6:30 am.

Video filmed by Michel Gosselin and posted to Instagram shows flames engulfing the business as explosions and emergency-service sirens can be heard. The footage was taken 10 minutes after the fire began on Thursday morning, Gosselin said.

The Niagara Regional Police Service said they were working with Niagara Emergency Medical Services and St Catharines Fire Services to contain the area.

St Catharines Fire Chief Dave Upper said one worker was taken to a local hospital with burns. Credit: Michel Gosselin via Storyful

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