Lebanese celebrate as Prime Minister Hassan Diab announces resignation

As Lebanon's Prime Minister Hassan Diab announces resignation, crowds in Beirut celebrate the news but are showered with tear gas as they protest against Diab. Following the failure to properly store the explosive material that led to the death of at least 220 with thousands more injured, during last week’s deadly explosion that devastated large parts of central Beirut. “I set out to combat corruption, but I discovered that corruption is bigger than the state,” said Mr. Diab in a televised address. “I declare today the resignation of this government. God bless Lebanon.” Protesters are seen in this footage from August 10 being tear-gassed by police as they continue to march against the Lebanese government. "It's calm at the moment. The resignation isn't perceived as a major event. As it's expected and doesn't make much difference," the filmer said to Newsflare a few hours after the event. “What the Lebanese want is a whole new political system. And all the demands have been met with a superficial response."