Lebo Mashile launches new album on Africa Day

Lebo Mashile launches new album on Africa Day

Johannesburg - Africa Day did not go unnoticed in social circles, and the Bassline in Newtown, Johannesburg, brought together a special crowd of proudly African souls who looked extraordinary in their African attire.

The event was mellowed by the poetry of Lebo Mashile, while musician Majola “Moya” serenaded the crowd. Before the show, Mashile admitted to City Press that she was “very excited and also very scared”.

“This is a big deal for us, we have been cooking this project for nearly a year, there have been many times in the process we thought it wasn’t going to happen so today is the triumph,” she said.

The event served to launch the duo’s 12-track album – an artistic tour de force that fuses the virtuoso song styling of Majola with Mashile’s powerhouse poetic performance.

The crowd was captivated and entertained by the duo’s offering. The artists punctuated the mood with famous traditional sing-along songs, including Woza Moya.

Guests downed the poetic verses with Martell Cognac blends such as Martell Caractere and Cordon Bleu.

“The album is trying to capture the soul of where the nation and the people are at now. It is such a dark and difficult time; a lot of people are hopelessly disillusioned.

“The music is about where we come from and how we arrived at this situation,” Mashile said, adding that it also talks about “the beautiful parts of life, falling in love, celebrating our body and ourselves as African people”.

Radio personality Aviwe Damane was so enthralled that her tapping feet did most of the talking.

“It is such a great blend,” she said, referring to the duo, not the cognac. “The content that they put together on this album is amazing,” she said.

The album will be officially launched next month but has already created some interest through the hashtag #MoyaAlbum, which trended on Africa Day.

After the event, guests were wonderfully surprised to be presented with a copy of the album to take home. How nice is that?