LeBron James completes dares on 'Ellen' for his I Promise School

LeBron James completes a dare with Ellen DeGeneres involving a blindfold and kiwi during her show Wednesday, Sept. 12. James and Channing Tatum raised $100,000 for James’ I Promise School.

Money doesn’t come easy, even for a good cause.

LeBron James and Channing Tatum swung by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday to promote their new animated movie, “Smallfoot,” and ended up taking on some big tasks. The two completed a combined five dares to raise $50,000 for the I Promise School, which James started this year in Akron, Ohio. Walmart, the organization donating the money, “rounded up” the total to $100,000.

LeBron’s bigger tequila shot; Channing’s crawl

James got a taste of the college life by taking a shot of tequila without using his hands, though he wasn’t thrilled with the size of it. And yes, it was real tequila.

Tatum was tasked with a dare that usually happens much later once the alcohol sets in: dancing sexily across the floor. The “Magic Mike” star earlier suggested James join him on stage for a “Magic Mike Live” show, and Ellen pulled out a nice compilation of the new Los Angeles Lakers’ skills. Spoiler alert: James isn’t keen on the idea.

Odd food combinations

James raised the total to $30,000 by licking a kiwi blindfolded, shocking Ellen and Tatum with his correct guess. His first thought on the item is worth a watch to fully enjoy.

He then raised another chunk of cash when Ellen combined the star’s favorite food with an odd condiment: ice cream and hot sauce.

“Listen kids back home, LeBron loves you,” James said before his first bite.

Tatum didn’t have to actually eat anything weird, but instead struggled to eat peanut butter off his nose.

Check out the entire video below.

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