LeBron James sticks ridiculous halftime buzzer-beater in Joel Embiid's face

LeBron James hit a buzzer-beater over Joel Embiid at the end of the first half on Monday. (AP)

Not yet, young one. This is my time.

Or something along those lines.

Whatever LeBron James did or didn’t say after knocking down that ridiculous fade-away three-pointer from the corner to beat the halftime buzzer in Joel Embiid’s face, the message was clear.

Wait your turn.

Much of the buzz around the NBA this season has been around the emergence of Embiid, who along with his Philadelphia 76ers rookie teammate Ben Simmons is viewed as the future of the league. That narrative — along with Embiid’s penchant for talking junk and getting under his opponents’ skin and the early struggles of the James’ Cleveland Cavaliers — worked well to set up a pretty dramatic moment to end the first half of a game in November.

LeBron, in more ways than one, is still the reigning king.

The shot gave the Cavaliers a 53-45 halftime edge over the 76ers.