Lee Mack shares extremely moving story about Sean Lock from shortly before his death

Many comedians paid tribute to Sean Lock at the National Comedy Awards, but it was Lee Mack’s that stood out.

The Not Going Out star appeared in a pre-recorded segment that was shown during the ceremony, which was televised on Saturday (5 March).

In the clip, Mack recalls going to see Lock, who died of cancer, aged 58, in August 2021.

“There was one moment when I went to see him where he just said to me – and he didn't say this in a ‘I want to make you feel better’ or ‘I’m trying to convince myself’ way; I just knew it was 100 per cent true – he just said to me: ‘I've had a really good life, you know.’

Mack continued: “It was really... it was so profound the way he said it, ‘cause I thought, ‘He really has,’ because he's got this fantastic wife, three beautiful kids and he's spent his life just making millions of people laugh. It's hard to argue with.”

Mack’s tribute left many feeling emotional, with @BeardedGenius sharing the clip on Twitter and writing: “Gone at this about Sean Lock.”

Another fan added: “This bit where Lee Mack was talking about seeing him before he died absolutely ruined me,” while another said Mack’s memory of Lock had them “sobbing”.

Lee Mack paid tribute to Sean Lock at National Comedy Awards (All 4)
Lee Mack paid tribute to Sean Lock at National Comedy Awards (All 4)

The comedians were close friends and, after Lock’s death was announced, Mack released a statement, reading: “I’ve known this day was coming for some time, but it’s no less heart-breaking. A true original both in comedy and life. I will miss him so much.”

Other celebrities to pay tribute to Lock included Bill Bailey, Liza Tarbuck and Rachel Riley.

The National Comedy Awards for Stand Up to Cancer is available to watch on All 4.