Lee Rigby killer Michael Adebowale moved to Broadmoor at a cost of £250,000 a year to the tax payer

Nick Reilly
Michael Adebowale killed Lee Rigby in 2013 (Picture: PA)

One of Lee Rigby’s killers is set to be transferred back to Broadmoor at a cost of £250,000-a-year to the tax payer.

Michael Adebowale, 25, has been incarcerated in Wakefield Prison since he was declared to be mentally sane in September 2015.

But he has now left the notorious prison for a life of comparative luxury at Broadmoor, after justice chiefs reportedly approved the switch last month.

It costs £250,000 to treat a patient in Broadmoor – five times more than the price of one Category A prisoner in jail.

According to The Sun, Adebowale was moved after he refused to comply with medical treatment at Wakefield Prison.

Lee Rigby was brutally murdered in May 2013 (Picture: PA)

Lee Rigby’s mother, who previously said she was ‘delighted’ to see Adebowale in Wakefield Prison, has now hit out at his transfer.

She told The Sun: ‘I’ve said before that Adebowale deserves to be in a tough prison for what he did to my Lee.

Lee Rigby’s mother has hit out at the move (Picture: PA)
Michael Adebolajo (left) and Michael Adebowale were jailed in 2015

‘I get the impression this whole situation is going to yo-yo back and forth for years because the authorities clearly don’t know how to deal with him. I need to be reassured that the right punishment is being handed down to the man who took my son’s life.’

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Adebowale and Michael Adebolajo were jailed in 2015 after they ran over Fusilier Lee Rigby outside Woolwich army barracks in May 2013, before hacking him to death.

Adebowale received a minimum of 50 years behind bars, while Adebolajo was handed a life sentence.