Lee Rigby's father says he'd BURN planned apology by his son's murderer

Michael Adebolajo, left, has reportedly apologised in prison for murdering Lee Rigby (Pictures: PA/Rex)

The father of Lee Rigby has said he is “appalled” by a planned apology from one of his son’s murderers.

Phil McClure, 58, from Oldham, said he was “absolutely fuming” about a report that killer Michael Adebolajo intends to write a letter of apology to Mr Rigby’s family.

Adebolajo, 33, and his accomplice, Michael Adebowale, 27, murdered the 25-year-old fusilier with knives and a meat cleaver outside Woolwich Barracks in south east London in May 2013.

Lee Rigby’s family say they are appalled by one of his killers’ apology (Picture: PA)

The Sun reported that Adebolajo, who was given a whole-life tariff, told staff and a fellow prisoner at HMP Woodhill that he was sorry for what he did.

He reportedly admitted his “regret” and claimed he “misinterpreted” the Koran to carry out the killing – he cited it on video just after the murder.


But Mr McClure said he was angry about his son’s killer’s planned letter of apology to the family.

“I’m appalled he even thought about writing to us,” he told The Sun.

“I wouldn’t accept it — I’d burn it. How can he apologise?

“He didn’t show any emotion when he murdered Lee, did he?

Lee Rigby was murdered in May 2013 (Picture: Rex)
Michael Adebolajo, left, and Michael Adebowale killed Mr Rigby in Woolwich in 2013 (Picture: PA)

“Perhaps it’s all a stunt on his behalf to get him out early. But it’s a big shock. We simply wouldn’t accept anything from him.”

Mr Rigby’s mother, Lyn, 51, told The Sun on Sunday the apology was the “ultimate kick in the teeth”.

She added: “I will never forgive him.

“How dare he intrude into our family five years on and make out it was all a big mistake?”