Leeds grandad slams 'armed siege rubberneckers' after man's tragic death

Stanningley resident Steve Wood was incensed so many people parked up at the scene to gawk
-Credit: (Image: Samuel Port)

An incensed Leeds grandad has slammed rubberneckers who drove out to a police stand-off just to gawk at the harrowing scene which resulted in a man's tragic death.

West Yorkshire Police surrounded a house in cul-de-sac Half Mile Green, Stanningley where a man appeared to be clutching a handgun at the window, yesterday (Sunday, June 9). The force were initially called to the home to reports of a domestic disturbance at 12.36pm.

Armed response units, along with negotiators, dog handlers and drone squads were then deployed to the scene with an ambulance on hand. They remained there for ten hours.

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Officers forced entry into the property at 10.50pm. Neighbours said they heard 'shots and smoke grenades'. The man was found ‘critically injured’ and rushed to hospital where he sadly passed away in the early hours of Monday.

Retired builder and grandad-of-three Steve Wood was incensed during the day that so many people flocked to the scene to gawk at the crime scene. He said there groups of people standing by the roadside, on Half Mile Lane, looking over the tape to get a better view.

These included a mix of people who had especially driven to the incident and parked up nearby and groups of teens eager to see what was happening. He likened their actions to the act of rubbernecking after a devastating motorway crash.

Steve said: “I couldn’t understand why people were driving up and down, parking up and going to have a look. There’s nothing to see. We had a lot of young teenagers. They didn’t know the chap and it had nothing at all to do with them.

"Why come? It's like on a motorway, you see an accident, why do you slow down just to have a look at it when it's got nothing at all to do with you?"

Steve went on to say that he and his wife, who've lived in the area for about 30 years, don't get involved in such incidents out of respect for the people involved. He added that he was sad for the man who died and his family members.

He added: "If he had a partner or family, them people are left on their own and they've got to contend with that everday.

The force has since referred the case to police watchdogs Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), which is a mandatory requirement in circumstances when there is a tragic loss of life. The IOPC has declared an independent investigation.

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