Leeds residents allowed to use green bins to recycle glass next month

Green bins will be able to recycle glass in Leeds
-Credit: (Image: Huddersfield Examiner)

Households across Leeds will be able to use their green bins to recycle glass from next month.

At a meeting of Leeds City Council on July 10, the date these kerbside glass collections would commences was announced as August 1. This new policy was announced by Councillor Mohammed Rafique, the executive member for climate, energy, environment and green spaces.

To a full council meeting, Coun Rafique said: "I’m please to say that from August 1, Leeds households can start to put glass in their green bins for the first time.

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"More detailed guidance will be announced throughout July to get people ready for this change. They key messages are stop putting glass in the black bin. You can put all sorts and colours of glass in your Leeds green bin.

"Leave the tops on. They will be recycled too." This move to glass in green bins had been confirmed by council leader James Lewis. The council also said it estimated households were having to put 11,400 tonnes of glass in their black bins every year.

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Recycling glass in green bins is estimated to save around 2,600 tonnes of carbon output per year. Coun Rafique, Labour member for Chapel Allerton, said bottle banks currently in use in the city would remain open.

He said: "The glass collected will be sorted, cleaned and processed, melted into new bottles and jars in Yorkshire. So it’s fitting that the change to glass in green bins starts on Yorkshire Day this year."