Leeds United's Red Bull deal is 'probably the biggest in EFL history'

Football finance expert Dan Plumley has hailed Leeds United for securing a “really significant” investment deal with Red Bull. The Whites announced a "multi-year" partnership with the soft drinks giants last week.

Red Bull have acquired a minority stake in the Championship club and the move will see them be United's front of shirt sponsor heading into the 2024/25 season. It has been described in some quarters as the "best ever seen in the EFL".

When asked about the deal, Plumley told MOT Leeds News: “It’s bigger picture isn’t it? It’s interesting timing considering the play-off loss, but also shows the value and the power that Leeds have still got despite that because it probably was a deal that was going to be done anyway.

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“When you look at that, we’ve not seen numbers but in terms of the stake and the sponsorship deal, it’s probably the biggest in EFL history.

“It will certainly outstrip the current shirt sponsor deal that Leeds have got, so it will provide a significant revenue boost. It will provide a significant commercial boost. It will provide significant leverage in the future, and we know the power of Red Bull branding in football and potentially what that can bring in a commercial and networking perspective.

“So it’s a really significant deal and it’s a testament to the ownership and the way that Leeds United want to go about their business in the future. It’s a really good bit of business in my opinion.”

Kieran Maguire has also had his say on United's link up with Red Bull. “I think it’s a fairly major deal because it’s a reflection of the size and stature of Leeds United within the football environment,” the football finance expert told Football Insider. “A global brand such as Red Bull wouldn’t get involved with a club unless they felt that there were future opportunities.

“So whilst the initial equity investment is not likely to be tens and tens of millions, it will provide a cash flow benefit over the course of the summer. That will go a long way in assisting the club in meeting their ongoing financial obligations.

“It will all be a part of Red Bull’s multi-club plan in football so there could be benefits in terms of knowledge being exchanged between the clubs.“