The left need to form a progressive alliance if they really want to beat the Tories

Jeremy Corbyn delivers a stump speech to Labour activists in Croydon: PA

Currently the Tories are riding high in the polls. However, it is more than likely that one day the electorate will tire of them. Voters will then be ready to choose a strong, capable looking opposition – if there is one!

What we now clearly need is what Nicola Sturgeon has referred to as a progressive alliance.

If any good can come out of the coming – quite unnecessary – election it will be a strong message to parties of the left and centre-left that they need to consider working much more closely together. The country actually needs them to coalesce.

Reverend Andrew McLuskey

If Theresa May is empty chaired, she will win the election

If the BBC and ITV decide to put an empty chair in place of Theresa May at the election debates then they will hand power back to the Conservatives.

May not turning up will be a stroke of electioneering genius. Why? Because when Messrs Corbyn and Farron fail to get the upper hand on a leatherette 360-degree swivel chair the British electorate will lose any remaining shred of interest in the general election.

In between Nicola Sturgeon declaring independence from the chair, and anyone looking in her vague direction, Jezza and Timmy will stumble, stammer and look perplexed as they fail to present any better arguments or workable policies.

Our glorious leader knows she doesn’t even have to put in an appearance to win the debates. Considering she is the least convincing Prime Minister in living memory (admittedly by a short hair from Gordon Brown, Esq) it paints a poor picture of the current state of British politics.

Mike Ireson

TV is the platform to reach the electorate

I believe that Theresa May has shot herself in the foot by stating her unwillingness to join in a TV debate. Whether we like it or not, TV is the place where the vast majority of the population get their view of a candidate.

By refusing to appear in front of the nation this shows great disrespect for the electorate. Certainly the Conservative leader’s lack of respect should not limit all the other parties from communicating their policies to the British people through TV. After that it is up to the electorate to decide.

Martin Rayner

Bring back public drinking fountains

If the Government is serious about reducing consumption of sugary drinks, why are they not bringing back public drinking fountains? It would also reduce plastic waste and create new jobs for artists to create new useful features on our streets. Everyone wins.

Barb Drummond

Don’t write off Corbyn just yet

In 1945 the easily written-off Attlee faced the indomitable Churchill. Attlee won and the Welfare State and NHS were born. For both institutions’ sake one must hope that history will repeat itself. Otherwise it is back to the 1930s and a different history will repeat itself.

Anthony Phillips

Who should be the next James Bond?

I had a dinner party just a few days ago and as in any party we were talking everything under the sun, including the sun, and we talked about who would make the best new James Bond and few names were tossed around. I told them (we were 15) James Norton and they all said “who is he?” and I said look at Grantchester and you will find the new James Bond and their jaw dropped and all of them said: “That’s it he will be new James Bond”. We joked let’s contact the producer and the director and tell them not to look no further and start shooting the movie.

Do we need to be any more clearer than that? James Norton – next James Bond.

Anant Nagpur
Ottawa, Canada