'All I have left is a photo and blankets': Mum left homeless after devastating fire

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'All I have is a baby photo and blankets': Mum left homeless after devastating fire
'All I have is a baby photo and blankets': Mum left homeless after devastating fire

A HEARTBROKEN mum has revealed how her entire life has been turned upside down after a devastating fire ripped through her house and left her homeless.

Sydney Gair, 26, has been forced to move back into her mum’s home along with son Harrison, six, while repairs are carried out on her scorched house in South Benfleet.

The building suffered heavy smoke damage when an electrical fault caused a fire to break out.

Neighbours raised the alarm as Sydney was out working at the time, and even managed to rescue her three cats and dog from the property.

But despite the best efforts of firefighters, the home has been badly damaged and must now undergo major repairs before Sydney and Harrison can return.

“We are absolutely heartbroken, everything we own is gone, but we have to be grateful that no one was hurt,” Sydney said.


“Unfortunately, as well as the fire, the smoke damage took out all of our belongings.

“All I really managed to save was a scrap book with my son’s first scan pictures and two blankets.

“The smoke and fire destroyed everything, and I am so devastated.

“As a single mum, I have worked so hard in trying to build a home for me and mum son, and within a short moment it has all been destroyed.

“I am now having to start from scratch to rebuild our life and home back up again.”

A new kitchen and bathroom needs to be installed in the damaged home, along with new ceilings and plaster.

Since the fire, Sydney’s friends have set up a GoFundMe page to try and support her to rebuild her life.

Sydney admits she is grateful for the support shown to her by friends and members of the public who have donated.

She said: “We have received so much love and support it is very overwhelming.

“The GoFundMe page that was set up has given me a glimmer of hope that with more hard work and support from others we may be able to rebuild our family home again.

“I can’t thank everyone enough.”

To donate, visit https://bit.ly/3GjR2Y9

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