Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Great Plateau Shrine of Trials guide

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Nintendo Switch and Wii U adventure The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild begins in the Great Plateau, a central area of the enormous Hyrule map that is impossible to escape without the aid of a paraglider gifted to protagonist Link after he completes four nearby objectives.

When Link awakens in, and quickly leaves the Shrine of Resurrection, he comes across an old man who tasks him with making his way to a nearby location. At that location is a long-dormant tower that springs from the ground.

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These towers open up areas of the Hyrule map, and this one particular tower also causes the world's shrines
to spring into life and begin to glow. There are around 100 shrines in the game overall, but only four in the Great Plateau.

Link is tasked with completing these four shrines in return for the paraglider, which enables him to jump from the tall cliffs surrounding the Great Plateau and glide down to the surrounding area, where the player
is then free to go wherever they like and the game begins proper.

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The first of these shrines is easy to find, as it's right below the tower, but the others must be discovered by the player. If you're having trouble finding or completing any of the shrines, below is a map showing their locations, before a rundown of how to get to and complete them.

Below is the map with each shrine (the blue squares) marked.

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Zelda Great Plateau Map
Zelda Great Plateau Shrine

1) Shrine One - Shrine Oman Au - Magnesis Trial

Where to find it?

It's nearby the great tower and the player is directed there by the Old Man. Very simple to find.

How to complete it?

Each of the trails introduces a new ability granted to Link by the Sheikah Slate - this game's key item. This trial demonstrates the Magnesis ability, and acts as a tutorial.

In the first room, Magnesis will be automatically selected. Hit the left bumper (L) to use the power then select the two platforms/doors highlighted in yellow. Move these to open up a passage below ground to the next area.

In the second area, there's a block in a wall that can't be climbed. Select this block with the Magnesis power and bring down the wall to pass through.In the final area is a Mini Guardian which you can defeat conventionally or by knocking it into the water with the cube using Magnesis.

Then, you'll need to cross over using the platform already set up. Once on the middle platform use Magnesis to move the platform round and cross to the final area. The final obstacle is a door you can open with Magnesis. From there, you can reach the end of the trial.

Where is the secret chest?

The secret chest is to the left of the player as they face the final door. It's up high on a platform that can't be reached. What you need to do is use Magnesis to bring the chest to you. Inside is a Traveler's Bow.

This tactic also applies to chests found in bodies of water, such as the one right outside this shrine.

Zelda Great Plateau Shrine

2) Shrine Two - Shrine Ja Baij - Bomb Trial

Where to find it?

This one is also quite simple to find. It's on the other side of the tower from Shrine Oman Au, among the ruins where several Guardians lie dormant. Be careful to avoid these, you're not powerful enough to take them on directly yet.

How to complete it?

This trial, as you might have guessed, teaches you how to use bombs. It'll be selected automatically for you but when this isn't the case, you switch slate powers by holding up on the directional pad then using the right stick to move across to the power you want. Let go to select it.

In the first area, simple throw the bomb at the breakable surface, or roll it down the ramp. Link also has square bombs for the first time, which allow him to lay them down in specific spots rather than throw with more accuracy than is typically possible.

Through this area, on the left, is another breakable blockage. Be more careful in this enclosed space and make sure you're not in the bomb's blast radius. Round here and up is another tall blockage with a moving platform. Here you'll want to place a bomb on the platform and detonate it when it's close to the wall.

In this final room is mechanism that will send you or a bomb flying. On the right is the one you'll need complete with a nice funnel to make things easier. Shoot a bomb or two over the gap into the breakable blocks and then climb over to reach the end of the trial.

Where is the secret chest?

As you approach the second blockage, round to the right is another. Behind this is a chest which contains a Traveler's Sword. In the final room, on the opposite side of the room to the mechanism that shoots bombs over the gap is another that'll propel you towards another chest. Inside this is a Soldier's Bow.

Zelda Great Plateau Shrine

3) Shrine Three - Shrine Owa Daim - Stasis Trial

Where to find it?

This shrine is right at the southern tip of the Great Plateau, high up on a cliff face. To reach this follow the map around from Shrine Ja Baij and through the forest, where you'll find an Bokoblin encampment in a skull-shaped structure and the Old Man's hut.

Near the hut you'll find a ravine with Bokoblins on the other side. To cross this gap, you need to cut down a tree so it falls across, creating a bridge. Once across, you'll be at the foot of a great cliff, which acts as a test for the game's stamina bar.

Players will need to climb from safe spot to safe spot to recuperate their stamina, and eventually work their way to the top, where the shrine is.

How to complete it?

This trial tests the Stasis ability, which allows players to freeze objects. The first obstacle is a rotating platform attached to a gear you'll need to freeze at the right time to create a temporary bridge.

Cross this and you'll soon find yourself at the bottom of a slope with large boulders rolling down it. Freeze the boulder to allow yourself enough time to get to the safe area halfway up.

The final obstacle is a stationary boulder. For this you'll need to freeze it then hit the object repeatedly, building up kinetic energy that will then send the boulder flying in the direction you choose, clearing the path. To coax the player into doing this, an Iron Sledgehammer lays nearby.

Up from here is the end of the trial.

Where is the secret chest?

The chest is at the top of the slope, which you reach by dodging the boulders. Timing is crucial here. Inside is a valuable Opal you'll eventually be able to sell.

Zelda Great Plateau Shrine

4) Shrine Four - Shrine Ke Numut - Cryonis Trial

Where to find it?

The fourth and final shrine is on one of the peaks of Mount Hylia, in the snowy area that teaches the player about harsh conditions in the game. Be sure to have food that will shield you from the cold, or just enough food to keep healing yourself.

To reach the shrine, you're best bet is to approach from the north west of the Plateau. Here you'll find an enemy encampment, beyond which, into the snowy area you'll see the remnants of a bridge. To cross, use Magnesis on the nearby platform and move it carefully into position.

Once you've crossed, head up the peak to the shrine.

How to complete it?

This shrine teaches you the Cryonis ability, which creates frozen, climbable platforms from bodies of water. Simply create one of these to clamber over the wall. The next obstacle is a gate, which you can raise by creating a frozen platform beneath it.

Around the corner is a mini Guardian, defeat this and head on. The final obstacle is a see-saw, which to pass you'll need to create a frozen platform beneath one side then walk up the incline you've created. Continue up the steps and you'll reach the end of the shrine.

Where is the secret chest?

The chest is to the left of the corridor where you find the mini Guardian. Create a platform to reach it and you'll find a Traveler's Spear.

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