Lego has launched an Optimus Prime set that actually transforms

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Autobots, rollout (iStock/The Independent)
Autobots, rollout (iStock/The Independent)

Lego has announced a new Optimus Prime set based on the infamous transforming robot from space. It’s the latest in its long line of new sets aimed at nostalgic adults.

The Optimus Prime set resembles the original toy that was released back in the Eighties and much like the legendary Transformer, it can also be turned into a truck with just a few nifty moves.

It’s quite a sophisticated build, with 19 points of articulation meaning that it can be built into a robot and back into a truck without dissassembling any of its pieces, much like how the original line of toys were able to transform seamlessly between two configurations.

Transformers has plenty of fans old and new – thanks in part to the films produced by Michael Bay in recent years – but avid fans have been eagerly collecting the Hasbro-manufactured toys since they first hit store shelves back when the original cartoon premiered.

If you want to find out when you can purchase the Optimus Prime set from Lego, then keep reading below for further details.

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Lego Optimus Prime: £149.99, – Available from 1 June 2022

  • Price: £149.99

  • Model number: #10302

  • Dimensions: H35cm (Robot mode), H15cm x L27 cm x W12 cm (Truck mode)

  • Number of pieces: 1,508

  • Ages: 18+

With over 1,500 pieces, the Lego Optimus Prime set is on the more complex side, without being too unwieldy for the average Lego builder. At 35cm tall, it’s only slightly larger than a standard action figure and it’s design is true to the original appearance of the robot/heavy goods vehicle.

The set also comes with an “Autobot Matrix of Leadership” which can be stored in Optimus Prime’s chest chamber, along with a detachable jetpack, ion blaster and energon axe that can be wielded in robot-mode. Other authentic accessories include an “Energon cube” and optional waist panel.

As a complicated set aimed at adults, there is even a plaque included so anyone can proudly show off their new creation.

The Optimus Prime Lego set will be rolling out on 1 June 2022. Pre-orders are currently unavailable but are likely to go live on either 31 May or 1 June.

Available from 1 June

Other Lego sets you can buy

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the Lego Optimus Prime set – and who could blame you – then there are plenty of similar sets to shop now.


Firstly, this super robot 3-in-1 set (£8.99, is a suitable stand-in while you wait. It can even transform! But unlike our favourite Autobot, dissassembly is required to turn it into either a mecha dragon or a jet aeroplane.


If you’re after something more cinematic and befitting a display then the Iron Man figure is another suitable set (£34.99, It’s roughly the same height, fully poseable and even has a battery-operated light for Tony Stark’s glowing chest piece.


Finally, if what you’re really after is another pang of mid-Eighties nostalgia on wheels, then the Back to the Future Time Machine set (£149.99, is a worthy display piece, complete with Flux Capacitor and Doc and Marty minifigures.

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